Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Is Love?

Today, while uploading old files from CD's to the cyber cloud, I found the "speech" I wrote and recited at the engagement party thrown for my future husband and me by my future In-Laws. August 2000 - Perth, Australia.

Love and affection between a man and a woman, husband and wife is such a powerful phenomenon.  Not only is love an emotion and a sensation, but a state of being.  You are actually in love… But what exactly is love?  If you could describe it, what would it be? What causes it?  There are many definitions of love.  Love is physical desire, or a biological urge to reproduce.  Love is gratitude.  Love is a need to be wanted and a want to be needed.

Here’s an interesting question: We see that love and giving always come together but which of the two comes first?  

Is it the giving a result of the love or is the opposite true: is the love a product of the giving?  

It seems that the obvious answer would be that love initiates the giving.  When a man loves a woman he brings her flowers, he takes her out to dinner.  But there is another side to the case.  Giving may bring about love for the same reason that a person loves what he, himself, has created or nurtured.  

Whether it be a child you have brought into this world or a puppy you’ve fed and cuddled, a house you’ve built, or a garden you’ve planted – a person is compelled to love the work of his hands, for in it he finds himself.

To find the truth about love, all you have to do is go to the source, the Torah, in Sefer D'varim (Deuteronomy) 20:5-7, where among the categories of warriors allowed to return home before battle are the following:
  • Whoever has built a new house and not yet consecrated it
  • Whoever has planted a vineyard and not redeemed it
  • Whoever has wedded a woman and not yet taken her home

All situations are treated in the same way.  The Torah reveals to us that the love we bear to the fruit of our labors is directly comparable with the love of a man and wife.  There is no doubt that this is an example of the love produced by the power of giving.

Love arises between husband and wife because they compliment each other and by giving each other this completion they come to love each other… one who gives - loves.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Peace and Truth On Earth

From birth until the age of 12, I was raised as an assimilated American Jew. I only learned of Israel’s existence when I started Jewish Day School in the 8th grade. We had the unlit house at Christmas time and my brothers and I were the only kids without Easter baskets; how I longed for those jellybean filled eggs and marshmallow Peeps! At public school, I was the nominal Jew, the one in a sea of White Christians, a handful of Native Americans, El Salvadorians, Mexicans, and two Black kids. My family seemed to stand out in the small towns and Reservations we lived on.
Now, I speak to you from the Capital of God, Israel, the Holy Land, the celebrated birthplace of all Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and officially in Israel, Druzeism, and the Bahai Faith. My mind is engaged and my heart is pulled thin and yanked in every direction in response to racism and terrorism against Israel and Jews worldwide, genocide of Christians in Arab countries, civil war in Syria, and Islamic terror attacks around the world and the New World is too naive or evil to call it what it is. Since the Obama administration ended and President Trump took the coveted seat at the White House, it seems that the strife in America is now "Alt-Right vs Neo-Liberal-Left"and if you fall somewhere in between - beware of haters on both sides ready to eat you alive. Reality indicates no end to religion-based terrorism and hatred around the world. Crazy times invoke crazy needs and crazier deeds.  I originally wrote a similar post to this at the end of 2014. Things have gotten worse.
It’s difficult to lock down focus or maintain an audience from start to finish. The phenomenon of Going Viral and Meme-spiration come from some all kinds of fanciful places including tiny little chocolates covered in colorful candy that have been around since 1941.

I rarely share internet memes, those phrases typed over iconic imagery which include irony, pop culture, or some other revelation. Years ago, I was inspired by colorful chocolate candies by virtue of an M&M meme with the following phrase on top: Prejudice based on skin color is like favoring one M&M color over another. Every M&M is made of the same thing and arguing that they’re not makes you look very stupid. Over the years, M&Ms have tried on a variety of shades and colors and those rainbow colored milk chocolates that “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand” remain on every respectable candy shelf in 100 countries around the world. I’m psyched by the core of M&Ms, not the colors.
Born in New Jersey, I grew up in Sayville, NY, on Indian Reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, in a prison town called, Lompoc, CA,  in wine country Santa Ynez, from age 12 in Orthodox Los Angeles, and from age 15, in melting pot Israel. I was, “The Jew,” even before I knew anything about Judaism. I knew I was Jewish and that meant I was different, wouldn’t wear a cross or go to church, and felt uncomfortable singing, Silent Night, in my school Christmas show but I didn’t know much else. The only Jewish thing we did was light Chanukah candles and sometimes we had a Passover Seder. People always seemed to know; like Jewdar (radar for Jews). As a child growing up in some not-so-Jewish towns in America, it seemed like Jews were basically circumcised deviant Caucasians whose grandparents had either escaped or survived the Holocaust and made it to the Promised Land, USA.
Though we weren’t observant practicing Jews, my parents instilled in me that all people are created in God’s image and respecting our differences just seemed like a given. I remember being fascinated by the body builders featured on the posters on my dad’s workout room wall. Some of the big muscle men were black, some were white. In the late 70’s, we lived on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. My normal was being the only Jew living amongst the Indigenous People of North America with unique culture and traditions. I was 4 years old when I asked my dad about an oiled African American muscle man in a majestic flexed pose. “Why is he brown?” I asked. My dad told me that he’s Black and his ancestors came from Africa. I remember innocently asking, “Why is he called, Black? His skin is brown not black.” My dad explained that that is what Black people want to be called and I said that White people aren’t really white, they’re pink so they should be called, Pinkies, and Black people are really brown so they should be called, Brownies, and my dad said, “Don’t EVER call a Black person a Brownie!” That was my inauguration into the world of political correctness and when I first realized there could be offense attached to skin color and categorization. My dad was teaching me about respect and social rules and I learned of our earth’s oppressive truth. The truth is there’s no harmony in respecting our differences if we won’t internalize what makes us the same and embrace our human kinship. There's also no use in committing suicide by loving your enemies - hundreds of millions of individuals who pray and intend on our demise and are themselves prepared and honored to die joyfully as long as they take a few of us with them.  
I’ve written about this before. The whole world has cancer. I’ve been in this Cancer Club for almost 5 years. I’ve embraced a wider circle of friends and a new role. Cancer is a part of me that I know how to live with. Almost every person is affected by cancer or had it or might have it, and if not, their mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, or aunt had/has it. We blame it on the cellphones and the pollution, obesity, alcohol, fast food, chemicals, coffee, radiation, and even the red M&Ms.
Just over 3 years ago, I participated in a women’s retreat with an organization that supports people with cancer. For three days and two nights, I disconnected from my life and connected with 80 women, each on a journey with cancer. Most of the participants were Ultra Orthodox along with a sprinkling of traditional or non observant Israeli women from at least 10 different cities across Israel. When I first arrived, I was nervous. Who would I share a room with let alone common ground for more than small talk? The workshops were intense. We also enjoyed music, dance, lectures, and some comedy. A few hours into the retreat, I found myself being hugged and hugging back. I danced with a secular widow, who lost her only son, until both our cheeks were wet with sweat and tears. I connected with an older woman from a long line of Chassidish ancestry and she opened herself to share her story. My roommate was an immigrant from Ethiopia and we laughed together in our pajamas and one night she cried in my arms. I became absorbed in the stories of strangers. Beyond the layers of clothing, and the accents, and the cancer, we are just people. Of course we all have blood, sweat, tears, and souls. Cancer may have brought us all together but it soon leaves us to our own devices. Experiencing love and unity with strangers is something that gives me so much strength and hope. When I came home from that retreat, I promised that I would find a way to take this Cancer Journey Lesson and make it contagious.
Cancer sends me into places and situations I never would have had the chance to go. In the past I was invited to speak at a multicultural conference of medical professionals and counselors, including men and women from the Palestinian and Arab sector, about happiness and faith during a life threatening illness. Again and again, I find myself moved by the power of my cancer journey. I've participated in the filming of a documentary during a retreat for cancer patients and survivors. I've experienced days of lectures and activities in a multicultural group including Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women from all areas and "territories" of the Holyland. The world is full of conflict and segregation. In Israel, we live in close proximity to enemies who seek our destruction. We live in sheltered communities separated from different cultures and religious sects. 
The world is full of fear and animosity towards those who think differently, dress differently, pray differently. We are divided and we have no common ground, no place to meet, and maybe no desire to do so. I ask a very controversial question, is God Himself providing the reason and the venue? I know that the suggestion is risky but we cannot ignore the fact that cancer is, by far, the fairest equal opportunity provider.
Speaking opportunities are CPR for my soul. One gift that cancer gave me was a renewed view of humanity. As soon as we begin to share stories and experiences, we can create new future together. I believe that we are supposed to live, love, interact, and share. It’s the only way to bring peace into our homes, our communities, and our world. I've also learned that you can't force friendship and respect from those who were born and bred to hate you and believe it's a deed rewardable in Heaven to kill you.
Sugar is sweet but not nourishing on its own and will possibly kill you. Understanding, acceptance, tolerance and peace should be goals of all humanity via whatever moral guide, code, cult, or religion you follow and believe in. I don't think we should ever lose hope and each of us should seek ways to bring light to our world. While trying to bring light, we must also never forget the past, learn from history - don't accept revisions! Most of all, don't let the goodness and kindness of our souls get us all killed! Recognize evil and call it what it is. Fighting terrorism and evil won't bring down the imaginary politically correct house of cards. Tolerance based on ignorance and complacency aren't noble or sustainable. Cancer kills and it's our responsibility to purge cancerous practices and oppression from Our World. 
On the eve of Passover, 2017, I am seasoned enough to know that world peace isn’t made with memes or candy but I will try to share what my Cancer Journey is teaching me and I’m sticking with the colorful and sweet M&Ms Theory of Humanity and also recognizing right from wrong and speaking out against evil.
May we all merit true Freedom from slavery and may we turn our personal bread of affliction into a reminder of history to strengthen and unify us. Wishing  a chag Pessach kasher ve'sameach (Happy Passover) to all who celebrate. To those who don't celebrate yet seek truth and goodness - may you be blessed!

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Climb To Freedom

Holding on for dear life - or enjoying the climb?

As I travel my personal Life Journey, I constantly scrutinize, examine, and sculpt myself. My inner dust is cancer. It’s always there floating around. It’s been known to me since July 22, 2012 and ever since I've had to face the reality of my mortality daily: when will my climb to the peak end? When will I permanently fall from my tree of life? I'm thankful to experience another Spring season, sunshine after the winter cold and rain, and rediscovering G-d's perfection creations; blossoming trees and fruit, wild flowers, and new life. 

In the past, I looked forward to finally shaking off the persistent side-effects of tumors and chemotherapy. This year, I'm coming to terms with a different reality. Chemo didn't work so well last time and I'm at the starting line again - Chemotherapy Part 4: grasping and flailing, hoping for the best and fearing the worst. 

With the Passover holiday nipping at our heals, it’s time to purge our homes and souls of chametz (leaven, or food mixed with leaven, prohibited during Passover).  Dust, dirt, and clutter are NOT chametz. 

While my friends and family countdown to the upcoming holiday of Pessach (Passover), I countdown to a day of dread. It’s that-time-of-the-month for me - CHEMO-time! (Can't Touch This....). 

Every 3 weeks I’m scheduled to have a dose of Taxol and a dose of Avastin. My current situation invites an abyss of uncertainty for my loved ones and me. Right now, it’s compounded by Pesach (Passover) preparations and purging the house of every last crumb, and I no longer fear the purge.

One marvelous difference between other animals and humans is our ability to deny. Our denial allows us to live, breathe, and function as forever-creatures in this temporary life. Life is short so we cannot internalize the reality of our fragile short existence Here or else we would live in a constant state of paralysis and mourning. 

Wealthy or poor, privileged or deprived, every being is equal in our short existence. From birth, the ONLY thing promised to each and every one of us is eventual death. As we grow up we learn to deny and ignore our impending end and for those who get side-tracked, anxiety and intense fear can feel like a heart attack; imminent  death. We focus on frivolities like birthdays and parties, celebrities, sports, sales at the mall, and politics.  If we’re spiritual, we find meaning in faith and the Divine. If we are intellectual, we study, learn, and teach. Every project or focus is a distraction. Every breathing minute we spend on earth takes us that many minutes closer to the inevitable end. We are born with the gift of ignoring that fact because it’s the only way possible to survive the pain and anxiety that would accompany the truth of our fatal human condition. 

Life’s fragile reality gets broken by near death experiences and survival beyond expectations, for example tragedies, accidents, traumas, losses. For me, it’s living with cancer. Being forced to stare death in the face for nearly 5 years freed me from the imaginary infinity of life. The boundaries of existence are clear. I know that it's impossible to survive This World. I can't care about the casual. I can't focus. I can’t sit through fiction. I'm incapable of viewing Life or cancer as a fight or a battle. My physical Life is numbed and my focus is limited to this moment as it happens. I seek happiness and meaning in trying to improve how I act, bonding with meaningful relationships, and fulfilling my purpose on earth, and arriving at my Exodus - may my soul be juicy
The illusion is that illness and death deprives us of freedom. Human slavery is the deception that youth, physical pleasure, beauty, and perfection amounts to freedom and successful happy lives. 

We are all slaves to Life. I know my freedom will come someday - the ultimate Exodus from Egypt.  

This will be my 5th Passover holiday since cancer. For the first 2 or 3 years, I counted off milestones and holidays accordingly, and clung to my metamorphosis from the slavery of illness into the freedom of remission (a decrease in signs and symptoms of cancer, although cancer still may be in the body). Not anymore.

Every year, we tell the story of our ancestors’ slavery and delivery from Egypt. We celebrate the transition from slavery to freedom. I was sick and then healthy. I was dying and then revived. We were slaves in Egypt; now we’re free but are we really free?

The first Passover since cancer, I experienced a spiritual personal Exodus because I’d just finished chemotherapy and was hoping to be cancer-free. My denial magic made me hope I was cured until the cancer recurred and persisted year after year; treatment after treatment. For nearly 4 years I lived with the possibility that treatment wasn’t going work. This year, the time has finally come and the last treatment didn't work well enough. Am I a slave to cancer? Am I back in Egypt stuck in the 9th Plague of Darkness? The Plague of Darkness was complete absence of light weighed down by a tangible thickness so immense that it blocked physical movement.

I’ve been carried out of Egypt again and again. The symbolic deliverance from slavery to freedom in everyday life, whatever they might be, can inspire us to unchain ourselves from our own personal Egypt. Everybody has an Egypt. We are all slaves to Life. We all dream of freedom. 

Life's path to Exodus - lined with flowers and thorns
I live from day to day fully aware of mortality, impermanence, and realization that release from personal slavery and deliverance to freedom in This World are gifted to us in preparation for the Final Exodus: Death – into the Afterlife. I view every test, loss, grief, and challenge as an opportunity to react and grow. G-d's spankings are His blessings and proof of His love - giving me opportunity to make my soul juicy and prepare my eternal soul for the Ultimate Exodus.

We are constantly reminded that G-d took us out of Egypt. We pray on it. We learn it. We teach it to our children. G-d delivered us from slavery in Egypt to freedom; physically and spiritually. My epiphany about existence is that life on Earth is the metaphorical Egypt. We struggle. We work. We search. We strive to grow and become better, and we seek freedom from the slavery of financial burden and worry, freedom from work, and freedom from illness. Humans are slaves to life and life’s boundaries whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or metaphysical. As long as we live and breathe on planet Earth, we are not free; that’s the point of life. We must live it to its fullest, yet within tight frontiers, which constantly remind us that we are still slaves in Egypt.

No matter which journey we choose, in the end, it will be The End. The End has to come sometime. People die and the world will keep on spinning. Those who remain mourn and hopefully they move on. We don’t have to go-there or deal with it until it happens. We can be in a healthy state of denial because we’re humans. Every person lives their own personal Testament, their own Torah (Bible). G-d put us here to live and experience the physical world and I believe that this life is not the end-game. There has to be a reason for all of this and I’m sure it’s to teach every generation the core of our existence; the Exodus. 

I feel compelled to publicize the miracles that G-d gives me. I’m not afraid of The End but I worry about how my Exodus will effect my loved ones if I’m not here to drink the wine or taste the symbolic food on the Passover Seder plate. The bitter herbs and the charoset, the egg, and the bone all have dual meanings that reflect slavery and deliverance to freedom.

Heaven, Gan Eden, is eternal freedom from slavery. Back in Genesis, G-d told Abraham about the epitome of our existence: living for Exodus, before the Jewish People even existed. For over 400 years, generations lived and died under extreme conditions of pain and torture without ever enjoying redemption. The Exodus was anticipated by the Jewish People and G-d yet, only one-fifth of the Jews left Egypt and most died during the plague of Darkness. It was a miracle that any of us left Egypt at all and even though we were prepared for the miracle that would save us from slavery and grant freedom, most of the people were too terrified or unwilling to recognize the value of leaving Egypt. 

The original Exodus defined the Jewish Nation. Human history happened with Divine guidance and intervention, and still we fear death and question the existence of the Afterlife. Redemption. Heaven. The finality of death is so terrifying that most of us will do anything to avoid thinking about it. Denial keeps us safe.

During the Seder, we are obligated to tell the story of leaving Egypt, but why are we commanded to see and feel ourselves personally experiencing the Exodus and why the requirement to tell the story of Passover every year for as long as history can account for? Through telling the story, and reviewing it over and over again with every generation, we are reminded of the heart and soul of Judaism. 

There are no coincidences and no miracle too small to merit our prayers. We are not just a religion or a nation. We are a People who had no chance of survival in the first place, yet again and again we experience Exodus. We’re saved from near death experiences and we survive beyond expectations. This is the ultimate message of Judaism, Life, the truth of Passover, the Haggadah, and Exodus. Egypt symbolizes slavery; spiritual, physical, material, and psychological so eventually and ultimately, we must strive to break free from them all. 

From slavery to freedom, we must live for the Exodus. During our lives we may experience many allegorical plagues like darkness. With love and absolute faith I made the choice to live Life joyfully while taking comfort in knowing that all living beings are slaves to This Life and death is the absolute Exodus to eternal freedom.The End.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stop The Cancer War

Last week cancer took a few more people I know from This World. As usual, many well-meaning journalists and social media posts announced condolences and grief by equating Death-By-Cancer with Losing-A-War. It inspired me to share my feelings in a Facebook status which, launched a comment thread full of love , support, and understanding.

Throughout my own journey with cancer, I've never wondered, “Why me?” or dwelled on how, “It’s not fair”. I accept that everyone has their own cancer; pain, struggle or challenge. Why is cancer a war?
After a long and courageous battle with cancer, So-In-So lost their brave fight. The funeral will be held at Such-In-Such cemetery....

When someone dies from complications of cancer, why is it acceptable to say that they lost? No one would ever say that a person couldn't beat heart disease, failed to beat diabetes, or lost their battle with an accident.
We wish our deepest condolences to the So-In-So family for the loss of their beloved, So-In-So, to a sudden battle with a car accident. Details of funeral to follow....

Is there a war against life itself?
We regret to inform the community that after an exhaustive 97 year battle with Life, Great-Grandma-So-In-So lost their war with Life. Memorial services will be held at....

Why should living life be comparable to fighting a war? Are we all soldiers put on this earth to fight a common enemy? If so, wouldn't that mean that Life is our enemy?

Life isn’t something to fight with, quit, or run away from. I've taken on this issue with my own perspective which is, I'm running with cancer - not from it. I don’t relate to or appreciate the metaphor of the cancer battle. For me, life is not a war or a fight. Nor is cancer.
When we face danger and the need to fight a threat we feel stress. In an emergency situation, an instinctive, lifesaving, protective mechanism takes over to protect our bodies from harm. The acute stress response, Fight Or Flight, is one of G-d's greatest gifts to living beings.

Stress causes our bodies to release stress hormones: Adrenaline and Cortisol which cause:
  • increased respitory rate 
  • elevated heart rate 
  • elevated blood pressure 
  • boosted energy supplies 
  • elevated blood sugar 
  • the brain to use more energy 
  • stimulation of tissue repair 
The life-saving roles of stress hormones are diminished when stress becomes chronic.

The mindset of war isn't a harmless metaphor. In the beginning stage immediately after my diagnosis, perhaps it may have helped me to hear that I'm a Warrior Princess but as the years go by and cancer is incurable, chronic, or a chronic metastatic life threatening illness, anxiety and stress levels go through the roof.

Scientific studies have proven that chronic fear and anxiety is detrimental to our health. We fear our environment, constantly looking for the enemy because stress hormones, by nature, cause us to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival. The fight or flight system bypasses our rational thoughts and shifts our brains into attack mode. 

Living in a prolonged continuous state of alert may cause us to perceive almost everything in our surroundings as a threat to our survival. Fear is magnified and thinking is impaired. Someone in a constant state of battle will likely overreact to things because they see everything through the filter of impending danger. The mindset of war; of fighting, needing to beat an enemy called, cancer means living in a relentless state of fear.

war = stress

Without a doubt, all cancer patients already suffer from high levels of stress, fear, and anxiety. Stress hormones mess with your brain, your mood, and increase fear and depression.

fighting = stress

When the stress response system is activated, it automatically has a negative effect on many of our body's systems including our body's ability to kill cancer.

Chronic elevated stress hormone levels:
  • Have a bad effect on memory and interfere with cognative ability 
  • Are harmful to our immune systems 
  • Are harmful to our digestive systems 
  • Interfere with fertility 
  • Harm growth 
  • Cause depression 
Chronic stress has been linked to life threatening conditions such as:
  • heart disease 
  • high blood pressure 
  • high cholesterol 
  • type II diabetes, 
  • depression 

Constant stress can be the button that activates a multitude of health problems. None of that is helpful when trying to survive a life threatening illness. In the case of cancer, we should completely disconnect from war, fights, battles, and distance ourselves as much as possible from negativity altogether.

Cancer is NOT a war.

Mindfulness such as Yoga, deep breathing exercises, and meditation have been shown to lower stress hormone levels and are therefore beneficial to boosting the immune system.

Killing with kindness is a positive way to deal with negative situations. In order for the killing with kindness method to work, positivity must come from a genuine place. If you're outwardly loving while inwardly judging and hating, the outcome is killing with anger and most likely ending up feeling hurt which will actually increase your stress levels.

My journey with cancer, provided me with the opportunity to recognize some poignant things and over these years, I've grown and learned to first apply kindness to myself. It doesn't matter whether or not my smiles, hugs, and love are reciprocated because you can never err with positivity or kindness. 

I encourage you to be conscious of truly living life. A wise author, Amy Krause Rosenthal z"l, who died of cancer last week once wrote about Plan Be - that's how cancer survivors need to live. I invite you to live life with at least some Plan Be. Live. Be kind, rather than just acting kindly. I believe that our true instinct is to love and be kind and I know from experience how much that mindset lowers stress and it just feels better to truly come from this place. In my short life, I've learned a lot. I have no secrets and I choose to share my heart and soul with you, my friends and family, and countless strangers. The amount of love, kindness, and support I receive far exceeds the love and kindness I'll ever be able to give. Not every investment is profitable but in my experience, I receive more love in return than I could ever provide. I can solemnly bear witness and promise that those who react with love and kindness will also be the recipient of random acts of kindness as well as a life full of love, support, and happiness... and a lot less stress.

Cancer caused the inpouring of kindness and meaning in my life. I left the war. I exited the battle field. The love, support, and prayers that flow magnify and accentuate my somewhat newly heightened sensitivity to the abundance of goodness and even allows me to see something that is almost impossible for most people to see; the blessings that are attached to cancer. I'm able to see cancer from a different perspective; as part of my journey and let go of my attachment to life being perfect. Life is not my enemy with all of it's danger and imperfection.

Stop the war on cancer!
Kill it with kindness!
Find the cure!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Rainbows and Unicorns Required

There might be a colorscheme going on in the chemo-lounge today.
It wasn't easy to walk through those doors and it's an indoors sunglasses kinda day so far.
#rainbows and #unicorns required 🦄❤️️💛💚💙💜💗

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Going Back To Chemo

I'm not cool like LL Cool J... but I ALWAYS laugh at myself

So... I'm not happy about this - Cancer is a jerk and I have to go back to chemotherapy treatments if I want to stay alive. Hopefully the treatments will do that but there are no guarantees. 

I love music.
When I think about having to go back to chemo, I can't help my inner 1980's child from rapping (badly) to LL Cool J's famous Going Back To Cali

If you want to know the truth, this is a VERY serious life-threatening situation (obviously). Silly me wrote my own lyrics to the song and I even recorded myself rapping... AND uploaded it to YouTube. Apparently, it's a huge embarressment to my dear husband and teenaged daughters. (Personally, I thought my video was really funny however it was nixed by my dear husband and my teenaged daughters). I originally didn't post the video and I've changed my mind so.... here it is:
Laughing about chemotherapy and cancer wasn't amusing to my family and I respect their feelings. I already cried my eyes out and got up from the endless pit of... mud. I want to have some fun and, as the girl with cancer, EVERYONE has to forgive me for making fun of cancer and chemotherapy.


Going Back To Chemo (WARNING: if you click on this link you'll either laugh or cringe... LoL)
(With apologies to LL Cool J and songwriter Major Bill Smith)

I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo hmm, I don't think so
I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo I don't think so

Going back to Chemo, sighing, beguiling 
Growling, and crying, while in the lounge 
The mood is down, on the ward Cancer
And it's sly, cuz it's growing in A-E's
Liver reeking deal, pushed out, old-beef dammit stop!
and 5 kids waiting....

Doom burdens growing, 'da groan, it's whining 
Bringing all the scars on the way
Constant on ice thinned, smack feels grim
Stop I'm-a upset and whoosh hey!

I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo, yea y'all, I don't think so
I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo

I'm going back to Chemo, aching 'en, praying 'en
Tyin' me in knots they never before flung
the chase, I'm upset it's a gyp
Beat the disease old, and the hurls still drip

The uncured grip, but this girl kept dancing
Pleading, grasping, grueling, resisting 
Din't ask fer it so darn, so we should'n quit to pray
Don't want to do this: brutal, but I still want to stay

I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo - no man I don't think so
I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo

I'm going back to Chemo, clawing, bloodsucking 
Surprising, realizing, pleas eating me up
Er Almighty - bawl; deals - stall
I said, I liked, the ocean
He bode me to preach, "Save me!" I screech 
Capsuled in doubt - outran burden
How I thought, "That was fast," but this whirl was faster
Freeze! Bearing gore -  withstood the climb
I said, "Woes; more cries, I gotta disguise,"
and I ran away with a chuckle of mine....

I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo, I don't think so
I'm going back to Chemo, Chemo, Chemo
I'm going back to Chemo, I don't think so....


Monday, February 6, 2017

Blowing It All Away

I've encountered too many dark tunnels on Facebook and social media. I've tripped and fallen victim to the trap of disrespectful dialogues and personal attacks. Keyboards have become weapons of human destruction. How painful it is to witness and endure what lurks from behind infinite screens?! Flippant meanness, grudges, jealousy, and bile inflict misery on friends and strangers alike. Constant tug-of-war inevitably leads us down dark and lonely tunnels with no light on the horizon. 
People are terrified of death but I believe that more and more people have developed a fear of living. You can't cure your pain or fear unless you’re willing to live through it. Happiness is an accomplishment especially in challenging times. Instant information, literally at the tips of our fingers, are both a curse and a blessing. In the end, what really matters? Have you ever hushed a child or ignored a person, who is right in front of you, in order to attend to a glass screen? As of 2017 - who hasn't?
We hunger for acceptance, forgiveness, love, and kindness. It's become permissible to starve the people we encounter, in reality, from our attention because it has also become normal to live behind screens: iPhones, Androids, and their competitors gave birth to a real-life Zombie Apocalypse. The security that inner bliss creates can only be accomplished with acceptance that the ONLY thing you can fully control is yourself and YOUR reactions to what happens around you - in real life and online, whether you're being watched or not. Loneliness and depression are epidemic and I'm not surprised if it intensifies incrementally according to how much time is spent on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Every new day we can choose to rise from the darkness of the previous night and create light. Living is the greatest opportunity to waste! It's a choice to respond with compassion instead of anger, acceptance rather than judgment, and love over hate. Silent observance (not commenting with sarcasm and insults) is usually the kindest and most appropriate response to things we disagree with in person AND even more so on social media. It's sad to see how many enemy-ships have resulted from refusal to reconcile with differences in opinion while embracing the newly acceptable practices of "unfriending" and "blocking" people from our lives. The ultimate displays of primitive intollerance are now inaugurated via the most developed modern technology.

The baseless hatred and anger is rampant online and I ask, why not kill it with kindness? To err is human and to err on the side of kindness and being nice can never harm you. As one example of a variety of takes on a human truth states: they may forget what you said - but they will always remember how you made them feel.
I'm not perfect and that drives me to try harder. Every act and intention should be for goodness, for light, for kindness, for happiness, and for love. The rest is a waste of precious time. Life is too short to let it blow away. There are no refunds or exchanges. Time is irreplaceable and social media may be robbing us of of our most precious possession: life.